Audits for Aviation Service Providers – Compliance Can Have Benefits


If your company serves the airline industry, chances are you need to report annually to the county your airport resides in. More often than not, your permit requires an annual audit of revenues.  You probably think of this audit as simply a compliance project – something you need to do but don’t want to do. But, have you ever considered your auditor to be your eyes and ears?  Someone whose goals also include helping streamline your operations or find ways to improve profitability?

You probably don’t have someone on site observing your operations. Your team members are all busy providing services. And, if you do have someone overseeing, they may not have an objective eye. Your external auditor can and should serve as your external advisor as well. Someone who knows your industry and can make recommendations based on their observations during this audit and others they do. Of course, you want to fulfill your compliance requirements and meet the terms of your agreement. But, wouldn’t it be great to get something more for your cost?

When Craig Morris & Company conducts your audit, they want to be sure you comply with the terms of your permit. They also want to be sure you don’t overpay permit fees.  They read your agreement to know what the terms are. And, while conducting your audit, they observe your operations to identify efficiencies you might be missing. Is your auditor helping you this way? Is it time for a new set of eyes and ears?

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